About Shall We Wine

Shall We Wine is owned and operated by Regine T. Rousseau, an acclaimed wine & spirits personality and lifestyle adviser. The mission of Shall We Wine is to celebrate and demystify the alcoholic beverage, inspiring great drinkers everywhere! Shall We Wine is a trusted marketing, promotions and events partner that specializes in offering wine & spirits solutions for both client and consumer with a philosophy that embraces approachability and accessibility.


Reserve your experience.

Shall We Wine is not your average wine & spirits company...

Founded in 1997, Shall We Wine is a Chicago-based experiential marketing, event planning and media powerhouse. With a fun, dedicated network of wine & spirit professionals who share Regine’s vision, Shall We Wine is dedicated to memorable customer experiences. In addition, we are a resource that helps translate complex terminology into language that individuals of every level of wine & spirits proficiency can appreciate… all while having fun!


With a notable blend of experience and enthusiasm, Shall We Wine brings engagement and charismatic brand building know-how to the table, with the ability to expand brand presence across a variety of channels, including but not limited to TV, social media, virtual cocktail hours, in-store demos and pop-up & corporate events.

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