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We craft highly engaging wine & spirits content and design interactive events to increase brand exposure and help you connect to your audience in meaningful ways.

SWW a whole vibe.

Our membership community is not for the ordinary. We curate rare experiences for the wine & spirits curious that go beyond the label. Join the Shall We Wine Social Club and embrace a lifestyle that’s all about connections, culture, and community.

Members get priority access to:

  • Events focused on wine, spirits, culinary, and wellness experiences

  • Recommendations for wine and spirits + pro tips for curating a home bar

  • The After Party, a forum that offers a safe space for members to have dynamic conversations around race, politics, health, and wellness

  • Exclusive wine & spirits luxury travel experiences 

  • Immersive wine & spirits educational experiences

  • Discounts for bottles, goods, and merchandise from our brand partners

  • …and that’s not even half of it!

About Shall We Wine

The name is Shall We Wine; but we are in love with wine the same way we’re in love with spirits. This love is infused into everything we offer – from the immersive experiences we curate for our members; to the strategic content we create for brands; to the virtual and private events we host for clients.   

As a company, we’ve hit our stride. We’ve listened to our various clients – our social club members, our corporate clients, and our partners – and have gained a deep understanding of the types of services and experiences they’re seeking.  

I cannot tell you how many people from the wine and spirits world have come together to support Shall We Wine – from the sommeliers who’ve collaborated with me to teach classes for Shall We Wine’s community to the mixologists who have helped me develop cocktail recipes and introduced me to new spirits. 

All of these connections continue to fortify the thriving community of our membership program as well as our partner services. 

Because of my professional background, corporate events were always going to be part of the mix at Shall We Wine. I think what our corporate clients look forward to and why they keep having us back is:

  1. We make it easy – once we decide the type of event we’re going to put together for you, there’s not much you have to do; and 
  2. The events we offer allow teams to connect, relax, and enjoy the unique experience we’ve designed for them.

At Shall We Wine, it’s all about community. 

Our corporate clients come to us to strengthen their community – the bonds between their team members and the relationships with their clients – and, our consumer clients come to us because of the community we’ve created around wine and spirits.

We’re so excited to continue growing and strengthening our Shall We Wine Community, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

SWW Social Club

The Shall We Wine Social Club is a vibrant community space where the wine & spirits curious come together to share learning, leisure, and lifestyle experiences. Members get priority access to unique events, luxury travel opportunities, expert wine & spirits recommendations, and so much more. Join with friends to get major discounts on your memberships!

The Shall We Wine team is excited to share our monthly newsletter!

Our goal is to introduce you to our favorite wines and spirits, makers, producers, wine regions and places to buy and enjoy your favorite libations.

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