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Shall We Wine is owned and operated by Regine T. Rousseau, an acclaimed wine & spirits personality and lifestyle adviser. The mission of Shall We Wine is to celebrate and demystify the alcoholic beverage, inspiring great drinkers everywhere! Shall We Wine is a trusted marketing,  promotions and event partner that specializes in offering wine & spirits solutions for both client and consumer with a philosophy that embraces approachability and accessibility.

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Stay connected. You know Shall We Wine for “putting you on” fabulous brands and producers. With these virtual cocktail hours, we aim to infuse that same joy and wonder you would get during our usual tastings.

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A 411 On Pivots In Wine

A 411 On Pivots In Wine

With all the twists, turns and plot twists 2020 has brought us, it might even be mistaken that it is solely this year responsible for the changing dynamics within the world of wine itself. It really isn’t. And while much of that exact world is in...

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My Favorite Neighbor 2016

My Favorite Neighbor 2016

Full disclosure, I bought my first bottle of Booker Vineyard’s “My Favorite Neighbor 2016” because of the label(s).  The artwork on the label showed several of the winemaker’s Paso Robles neighbors. HOWEVER, the second and third times I purchased...

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WTF Wine Talks Fragrance: A Game

WTF Wine Talks Fragrance: A Game

A little rose petal florality.   An expressive, pictorial description, right? Is it a wine description or perfume description? When you first get into wine and read wine descriptions — whether that means from the bottle label directly, from...

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