While Shall We Wine continues to navigate the evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19, adjustments had to be made to our day-to-day operations. Like many other small businesses in our communities, it keeps a few things at a standstill but we’re powering through it!

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These changes, while temporary, make this time challenging, but all were important to not only support national, state, and local public health directions, but in order to look out for your safety as a trade partner or consumer.

In an effort to take the steps necessary to help minimize the impact of the virus and maintain social distancing measures, Shall We Wine has temporarily suspended our in-person services until further notice. However, in the meantime, Shall We Wine will continue to devote our time to connecting with each and every one of our friends and supporters like you virtually.

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Our goal is to introduce you to our favorite wines, winemakers, varietals, wine regions and places to buy and drink wine.



Corporate & Private Wine Tastings

Party planning can be fun and stressful. What to serve? How do you keep your guests entertained? Shall We Wine can take the stress out of party planning by curating a special wine or spirits themed event specifically for your team. From a team of 1-300, we can create an experience that will show your clients and employees that they are appreciated. We offer wine tastings, dinners, seminars, wine or spirits games, team building cocktail exercises and more!

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Want to Feature Your Brand?

‘Cocktail Hour Series’ is an experiential marketing company, Shall We Wine’s interactive virtual event hosted by Regine T. Rousseau in conjunction with our brand partners as an innovative way to reach consumers and drive growth.

Custom virtual segments are hosted and centered around a featured brand, helping them reach a broader, unique audience. The aim of ‘Cocktail Hour Series’ is to advocate for exceptional brands Shall We Wine can believe in but most importantly, help strategically develop key consumer relationships and foster support of your product(s) in a fun way! We offer a diverse set of deliverables in order to leverage media or other necessary tools specific to your brands needs.

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Virtual Events

Stay connected. You know Shall We Wine for “putting you on” fabulous brands and producers. With these virtual cocktail hours, we aim to infuse that same joy and wonder you would during our usual tastings… but while you’re in the comforts of your home! And unlike many large scale tastings, these events provide you with exclusive access to intimate mini-partys with amazing people in the food and beverage world!

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“The message has to be, don’t just drink wine, explore wine.”

Regine Rousseau,
CEO of Shall We Wine


Consumer Events, Virtual
& In-Store Demos

Shall We Wine’s main objective is to help our clients sell while building their brands. But we know brand interaction is more than just making the sale. It’s also about creating brand value and loyal interaction. Shall We Wine’s seamless process gets your product directly in the hands of consumers. At Shall We Wine, our highly trained wine specialists are passionate wine & spirit enthusiasts. Some of our consultants are certified bartenders, others have earned their sommelier or wine steward certifications. So whether that means organizing wine & spirit brunches, curated brand-focused tastings or regional tasting programs (in-store wine demonstrations) at a variety of Chicagoland’s premier retail locations, Shall We Wine delivers.

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