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Please join Regine T. Rousseau, Founder and CEO of Shall We Wine and Craig Hiljus of Puente Internacional on December 4, 2020 @ 6pm CST for “Holidays with Mezcal”!

You know Shall We Wine for “putting you on” fabulous brands and producers. With these virtual hours, we aim to infuse that same joy and wonder you would during our usual tastings… but while you’re in the comforts of your home!

And unlike many large scale tastings, this invite gives you exclusive access to an intimate mini-party with amazing people in the food and beverage world! Come, and let’s taste through some magic. See you soon!

Our Guest: Craig Hiljus

A 30+ year veteran of the adult beverage business, Craig has experienced it from all sides of the business: Distributor, Brand, Agency, and cocktail trade. After growing up in the business, his career began hitting the streets of Chicago, Missouri and Texas for brands, before finding new challenges on the agency side of the business, leading brands with national integrated sales & marketing engagement strategies. With spirits in the blood, the cocktail renaissance was calling.

While developing leading beverage & cocktail programs, a passion for independent makers took root. Supporting this segment led to taking the helm of the spirits program at a local Chicago distributor before joining Salvador Chavez and La Luna Mezcal to bring this amazing agave spirit to the world. “I went up in the Sierra’s in Michoacán with Chava, saw where this spirit comes from, met the people that have had it in their blood for generations, and that was it. After spending a lifetime in the booze business and experiencing something so authentic, there was just no looking back.” Saludos!



1.5oz La Luna Mezcal Cupreata
1oz Apple Cider or Pear Juice
.5oz Lime Juice or squeeze of 1/2 lime
Top Ginger Beer
3 dash Cranberry Bitters
Garnish w/ Apple or Pear Slice

Cranberry Bitters brand preference is Bittermens, but if Fee Bros is what you can get, then that works.

HIBISCUS PUNCH (great cold or hot!)
1.5oz La Luna Mezcal Cupreata
1.25oz Hibiscus Tea
.5oz Lime Juice
.5oz Cinnamon Syrup
.25oz Aperol

BG Reynolds Cinnamon Syrup is available at Binnys, but easy to make.

Hibiscus Tea – whatever your favorite tea is, I prefer Rishi Organic Hibiscus (Amazon)

Registration is required below.

While there is no charge for this event, donations are very much appreciated:

Zelle: Regine@ShallWeWine.com
Venmo: @Regine-Rousseau
CashApp: @ShallWeWine

Thank you for your continued support in making Shall We Wine your go-to wine & lifestyle resource.

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