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Want to level up your wine drinking style without the extra fluff? Shall We Wine is a resource that helps translate complex terminology into language that individuals of every level of wine & spirits proficiency can appreciate… all while having fun!

2021 SWW Fundamentals Class Series – our Fundamental of Wine Series continues with a focus on helping you identify your wine style. This series is designed for beginners to intermediate level wine lovers. We will use the award winning book Wine Folly: The Essential Guide (Avery Press) as our textbook. Through clear and easy to understand infographics, you will learn about various wine styles, grapes varieties, regions and most importantly, which is your personal favorite. 

The goal of these classes is to empower you to find the wines that fit your palate, the foods you enjoy and your mood. If you enjoy wine and are looking to deepen your knowledge of wine styles, grapes and regions,these are the classes for you! 

Your Instructor

Entrepreneur, Promotion Specialist, Writer, Event Planner, On-Air Talent, 2020 Wine Star Nominee- Wine Educator of the Year, Wine Whisperer, Deliciousness Huntress, MC and Speaker

Shall We Wine Team of Educators will join Regine to teach some of the workshops

Regine T. Rousseau fell in love with wine during a college study abroad trip to Besançon, France. Bitten by the wine bug early on, she began her career in the beverage industry as a salesperson for a wine distributor. While in this role Rousseau noticed how the barrier of “wine speak” formed a disconnect between wine professionals and consumers. Inspired to bridge the gap, Rousseau started her company Shall We Wine, a wine, spirits and beer tasting company based in Chicago.

At Shall We Wine, Rousseau helps national and boutique wine and spirits brands expand their presence across the nation; while also providing wine education through events, books and videos that she develops. Making wine approachable for everyone is at the core of Rousseau’s work. She and her expertly trained Shall We Wine team are masters at translating complex terminology into language that individuals of every level of wine proficiency appreciates.

“Through food and beverage experiences, Regine has made it her mission to make beverages and beverage knowledge easily accessible, instead of arduous and restrictive.”

Rousseau was nominated for Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Award, 2020 Wine Educator of the Year.  She received her Level II certification from the International Sommelier Guild and an Executive Bourbon Steward from Stave and Thief Society.

Rousseau has traveled around the globe to share her wine and beverage expertise and has been nominated 2020 Wine Star Awards for Wine Educator of the Year, She has been listed as one of “40 African-American Tastemakers.” She was named a Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic semi-finalist in 2011 and served as emcee for the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Wine and Dine event in 2018. She was also a featured panelist at the Association of Writers & Writing Program conference in 2013, Blacks in Wine Symposium in 2017 and 2019, the Women’s Breakfast Business Panel presented by the City of Chicago and the SoloCEO Summit in 2019. Rousseau has been the Keynote speaker for Wonder Women in Wine and Dream Big Darling. Additionally, Rousseau has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Zoe Report, The New Yorker, Vine Pair, Black Enterprise and Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and has made television appearances on You & Me Chicago, Sisters Circe Live, WGN Chicago, Windy City Live, Great Day Washington, and Let’s Talk Live DC .

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Six Elements of Wine Tasting

Online Event

In this engaging workshop,we will share one of the most powerful wine tasting exercises I learned some years ago from Food and Wine Magazine. We will teach you how to identify the six elements of wine tasting; body, tannins, acidity, [...]

Full Bodied Red Wines

Online Event

I like BIG wines and I cannot lie! In this class, we will build on the skills we have developed in our Six Elements of Wine Tasting Class to explore Full Bodied Red Wines. Explores flavor profiles from various regions. [...]

Medium Bodied Red Wines

Online Event

Build on the wine tasting skills we have developed in our Six Elements of Wine Tasting Class to explore Medium Bodied Red Wines. Explores flavor profiles of red medium bodied red wines from various regions and climates. Learn the flavor [...]

Light Bodied Reds and Rosé

Online Event

Build on the wine tasting skills we have developed in our Six Elements of Wine Tasting Class to explore Light Bodied Reds and Rosé Wines. Explores flavor profiles of light bodied reds and rosé from various regions and climates. Gamay [...]

Aromatic White Wines

Online Event

Stop and smell the roses, herbs, and fruit! In this class, we will explore flavor profiles of aromatic white wines.  Chenin Blanc, Gewürztraminer, Muscat Blanc (AKA Moscato d’Asti, Moscatel, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, Muscat Canelli, Muskateller), Riesling, Torrontés Materials: [...]

Light Bodied Whites

Online Event

Just in time for summer, let’s explore fresh, crisp, and easy drinking wines. You’ll start your summer with a list of new and refreshing wines to pair with your favorite summer meals.  Albarino, Grüner Veltliner, Muscadet, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, [...]

Full Bodied White Wines

Online Event

Yes, you can drink white after Labor Day! We will explore full bodied white wines that will keep you warm in the winter. Chardonnay, Marsanne, Semillon Viognier Materials: Wine Folly The Essential Guide (Avery Press) Wine: Order your Full Bodied [...]

Dessert Wines

Online Event

Dessert wine is perhaps the oldest style of wine. Pre-dating biblical times and modern fermentation techniques, dessert wines were made around the world from a magnitude of different grapes. From muscat, to grenache, to ferment these wines have been about [...]

Sparkling Wines

Online Event

This is a fundamental course designed for the bubbly curious and sparkling enthusiasts wanting to explore the magic of all sparkling wines. We will discuss how bubbles are created, where they come from and what to expect from different regions [...]

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