Okay, I’ll admit it…Quarantine has turned me into a (wannabe) mixologist. While I miss the charm of ordering a watered down vodka soda at a crowded bar, I must say, being your own bartender can be just as fun. In my last article we covered some staple liquors to add to your bar cart. Today I want to share my favorite simple cocktails. The best part? Try these 3 ingredient cocktails for beginners and let us know what you think 🙂 

Maple Whiskey Sour 

  1. Ingredients: Whiskey/Bourbon, Lemon juice, Maple Syrup 
  2. The Maple Whiskey Sour is both sweet and sultry. If you want to venture into whiskey drinks I suggest starting here! The maple syrup cuts the liquor’s bitter flavor, while the lemon juice gives it a refreshing twist. 


  1. Ingredients: Tequila, Triple sec, FRESH Lime juice 
  2. Margaritas are much simpler than they seem. Mix the three ingredients to make a classic marg then you can spice it up with fresh fruit, juice, or jalapenos (if you like them spicy!).

Sea Breeze:

  1. Ingredients: Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice 
  2. If you like fruity drinks this one’s for you! The grapefruit and cranberry juice intertwine for a sweet and sour base, while the dash of vodka adds a little fun. 

Tequila Sunrise 

  1. Ingredients: Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadine.
  2. Brunch! At! Home! For the time being it’s best to stay inside and have a virtual brunch with your friends. Next weekend try swapping out mimosas for this beauty. 

Dark n Stormy 

  1. This drink, similar to a moscow mule, has a ginger base but with a smoky twist. Try swapping your vodka for rum to get a richer flavor profile. 
  2. Ingredients: Rum, Ginger beer, Lime

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