Blind Ambition, the story of Zimbabwean refugees turned thriving sommeliers, has won the Documentary Audience Award at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

Even if you are a wine novice, the narrative of pursuing a better life for the well-being of family and even bigger dreams—at varying capacities—is one that resonates deeply with many. Blind Ambition follows Joseph T. Dhafana, Marlvin Gwese, Tinashe Nyamudoka and Pardon Taguzu from their new lives in South Africa to the unfamiliar territory of the World Wine Blind Tasting Championships and the hardships and triumphs they face along the way. This competitive event is regularly held in France, with little (if any) representation of non European teams.

Having no prior grasp of wine or its intricacies, this group, both collectively and independently, takes a direction which breaks barriers and challenges preconceived wine professional notions in a multitude of ways. What I love about the preview so far is even though wine is the documentary’s spotlight, the overarching theme is rooted in the influence of lives left behind, the heart of “home” and leveraging how culture shapes you, subjects often overlooked in similar-type features.

What a dose of hope and inspiration, can’t wait to see it. Watch the official trailer below!

Photo Credit: Tribeca Film

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