Whether you’re looking for home projects during this time of social distancing, recently moved into your first apartment or furnishing your grad school pad, adding a bar cart is the perfect way to transform your space. There’s just something about storing your alcohol in a uniform fashion just screams *very legitimate adult who knows what they’re doing.* So, If you’ve got Breakfast at Tiffany’s dreams but a Spring Breakers budget, these tips are for you on ‘How to Build Your First Bar Cart’! 

Step 1: Find The Perfect Cart 

A bar cart doesn’t have to be a big splurge, you can adapt old furniture and unlikely pieces into beautiful displays. Check out these easy DIY’s on how to build your first below!

  • The Mini Utility Cart 
    • Try spicing up a small utility cart to save time and space. This one from Ikea has three shelves to keep everything nice and tidy.
  • The Bookcase Bar 
    • This option is both functional and cute. Try upcycling your old bookcase to give your home an unexpected twist 
    • This option is both functional and cute. Try turning your old bookcase into a bar area to give your home an unexpected twist.  
  • The Floating Cart 
    • If you’re working with little to no space think up! Utilizing wall space is the best way to incorporate 

Step 2: Buy Basic Spirits 

After picking out the perfect cart it’s time to fill it up! I suggest aiming for middle shelf choices that are both budget friendly and great quality. My five favorites are listed below. If you have these on hand, you can make just about anything! 

Step 3: Add Mixers, Garnishes, & Accessories 

Finish off your bar cart with these few items. Non perishable mixers like seltzer and tonic water make a quick and refreshing drink (try mixing it with vodka). If you want to add these to your collection I suggest going for the smaller bottles. While the single serve version may be a bit more expensive you won’t risk your liter bottle going flat, just be sure to recycle the cans/plastic when you’re done! Another great addition to your cart is citrus; fruits like lemons and limes are delicious garnishes for a multitude of cocktails. Finally, if you have space, consider adding a cocktail shaker so you can mix drinks like the pro’s.

Now That You’ve Learned How to Build Your First Bar Cart…

Now that you have all the information you need on how to build your first bar cart go forth and *prosper* – responsibly, of course! A bar cart is truly what you make it so have fun with its construction. On your next trip to the liquor store make sure to grab your staple items and maybe something you’ve never tried. Once you have everything you need you can make classic cocktails or your own creations. The possibilities are truly endless!  

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XX – B