I am super excited to have received a sample the limited release wine from Reborn. This is a collaboration with Tank Garage Winery and Chicago based artist D. White II (@dwhite.original).  Reborn partnership was established to support The Simple Good, an Arts Residency Program for youth in Chicago, and Black Lives Matter.

D. White II

The Label

The label (picture below) “features a piece by White, created for his Reborn exhibition, which represents a significant moment in his journey towards becoming an artist. Reflecting on racism and change in America, White has two perspectives: First, as a young Black man who has himself been deprived of acknowledgment. Second, as an artist, who feels an obligation to help inspire people through his work.”


The Red Blend

This red blend is 50% Syrah with 50% Skin-Fermented Viognier. Hold on to something, this wine is sweep you off of your feet. The nose is super pretty with tropical fruit mixed with violets and blueberries. The is a kaleidoscope of flavors; blackberries, plums, white flowers and juicy apricots. I recommend chilling for about 30-45 minutes before serving. Super versatile with food. Can work with a hearty salad, fish or roasted chicken. There are only 48 cases of this wine.

The Mission

“Tank will donate the majority of the proceeds, split equally between The Simple Good and Blacks Lives Matter, after final costs. We’ll be announcing our total contribution later this year once all bottles are sold.” Buy Now!