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Full Bodied White Wines

Online Event

Yes, you can drink white after Labor Day! We will explore full bodied white wines that will keep you warm in the winter. Chardonnay, Marsanne, Semillon Viognier Materials: Wine Folly The Essential Guide (Avery Press) Wine: Please choose a varietal [...]

Dessert Wines

Online Event

Dessert wine is perhaps the oldest style of wine. Pre-dating biblical times and modern fermentation techniques, dessert wines were made around the world from a magnitude of different grapes. From muscat, to grenache, to ferment these wines have been about [...]

Sparkling Wines

Online Event

This is a fundamental course designed for the bubbly curious and sparkling enthusiasts wanting to explore the magic of all sparkling wines. We will discuss how bubbles are created, where they come from and what to expect from different regions [...]

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