Not to be confused with a ‘cream liqueur’, Harveys Bristol cream is an amber colored, semi sweet, fortified Sherry wine from the Jerez region of Spain.  It is a white wine despite its amber color. When we talk about Sherries, cream is a style of Sherry that is in between dry styles known as Fino and the very sweetest style called PX.

The flavors in Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry are taffy apple,baked apples,  nutty, plum and raisins. This taste profile makes it a crowd pleaser. Harveys Bristol Cream is the number 1 selling Sherry worldwide and in the United States!

Harvey’s Bristol Cream is extremely versatile, it can be served on its own, as a cocktail ingredient, you can cook with it, or it can be paired with savory or sweet menus throughout the course of your meal. Check out the Holiday Guide for recipes!

Check out our segment on Daytime Chicago where we showed some of the great ways to include Harveys Bristol Cream in your holiday entertaining.


Explore the options:

  • Harvey Bristol Cream is delicious served over ice with a slice of orange – but it’s also an excellent ingredient in holiday favorite cocktails such as Eggnog or Punch. Try substituting it for whiskey in an old fashioned! Recipes included in the holiday guide!
  • With a cheese course at the start or end of your meal – Harveys Bristol Cream is an ideal pairing for hard, sharp cheeses like Parmesan or Gouda and blue cheeses or mature cheddar as well.
  • When it comes to feeding your guests, adding Harveys Bristol Cream at the last minute to sauteed mushrooms will have your guests’ mouths watering.
  • Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without pie — but what beverage to serve with your pie can be quite the dilemma? The spicy nutmeg flavors and creamy texture of pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie will go great with the silky-smooth and mellow sweetness of Harveys Bristol Cream.  Served chilled or over ice alongside your pumpkin or sweet potato pie – it’s the ideal Thanksgiving must have.

History Buffs!!!

If you are curious about the name, back in the 1800s, Harveys like other Sherries was bottled in England, specifically the port of Bristol, and the company was founded by the Harvey brothers. And the British connection still continues, as Harveys is the only Spanish product with a Royal Warrant to the late Queen Elizabeth II.


Now because it’s Sherry, it should be served chilled from the fridge. You will know your Harveys is at the right temperature, when the Harveys logo on the label turns blue!!! If you haven’t tried it chilled, you will love it.

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