Vin de Bordeaux is making wine education fun again with their Bordeaux Wines Pop Up Trade Tasting series. Wednesday, March 25, 2019 Chicago class hosted at Virtue restaurant in Hyde Park used an interactive casino style game to teach about the diversity of Bordeaux wines. The restaurant’s bar area was set up with six top tables covered with a large mat resembling a black jack table and casino chips.
“We’re playing a blind tasting game!” I heard someone say! Few things cause me to breakout in hives like “blind tasting!” Once I checked out of wine school I stayed as far away from numbered brown bags as I could! However this interactive blind tasting seminar hosted by Jesse Becker, MS had me rolling the dice and shouting, “mama needs a new wine rack!”

Becker guided 40 beverage industry media professionals through a series of slides that clued us into characteristics of Bordeaux AOC/AOP, grape varieties, and vintages. Then we tasted a white and red flight and placed our bets (on the mat) as to which vintages,
AOC/AOP and varietals. So much fun!

For industry professional this series is a thoughtfully planned refresher and opportunity to deepen our knowledge of Bordeaux Wines. The seminar was followed by a walk-around tasting!

My friend founder and lifestyle blogger Tavi Johnson @chiataglance was in attendance. I asked her, “did this seminar resonate with you as a consumer?” How did you process all this somm talk?”

Tavi: honestly if I wasn’t sitting with you I’m not sure if I would have understood the game. For me this was more about discovering the wine area. I’ve had wines from Bordeaux but didn’t know what I was tasting. I loved the 2015 Le Sec de Rayne Sauvignon Blanc! And the Légende 2016
St. Émillion! Merlot, who knew? I’ve been sleeping on St. Émillion!!! How delicious was that Clos L’Abeilley Sauternes? I think this program could be customized for consumers. I’ll be drinking more wines from Bordeaux and just added it to my travel list!

Sounds like a plan to me!