(13/30) If you’ve followed me for a few months you know that I have a deep-rooted love for Chardonnay. Yes, I said Chardonnay. Chardonnay may the most disrespected grape variety. Yes, I said it. Why? To be blunt there are some poorly made chardonnays out there. Chardonnay is a widely planted grape because of its ability to grow in various climates. So, there are many producers bottling chardonnay even if their efforts should be elsewhere. Karen MacNeil discuses in @WineBible, “Chardonnay is often said to be a winemaker’s wine”- meaning that winemakers like it for its capacity to be transformed by lots of winemaking techniques. Barrell fermentation, malolactic fermentation, sur lie aging…” Translation- there can be a lot of hocus pocus going on at some wineries when making chardonnay: some of it magical other just disastrous. In the right hands, in the right location, Chardonnay is majestic. I know you’ve sipped a lot of frogs, but trust me, your prince/princess has come. Let me introduce you to the 2014 Inman Family Russian River Chardonnay. This is Chardonnay grown in the right place made by the right hands. A combination of 60% stainless steel and 40% new French oak barrel fermented, winemaker Kathleen Inman gives Chardonnay skeptics hope. This wine is elegant, creamy with apples, pear and citrus flavors.