Don’t you just love running into one of your friends? If you are having a bad day your mood suddenly lightens! If you’re having a good day, seeing them just made it even better. A few months ago, I ran into one of my favs at Bar Ramone Lettuce Entertain You’s new Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Chicago’s River North. I was admiring the decor when I looked up to see Coto De Gomariz The Flower and the Bee. Omg! We meet in January 2017 when I was touring wineries in Galicia (Ribeiro DO). “So excited to see you!”
“Ma’am are you talking to me?” The manager looked amused and a little frightened.
“Oh!” I gathered myself. “I was talking to the wine. I mean I love this wine.”
“It’s one of our favorites too,” he smiled. Coto De Gomariz, The Flower and the Bee is a blend of the Treixadura, Godello, Loureira and Albariño grapes. In my book Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition, I pair this wine with the poem Creepin’ about a tryst. In the book, I describe Coto De Gomariz The Flower and the Bee thus: “sunshine in a glass-it has a creamy texture, flavors of fresh citrus, pink lady apple, tropical fruits and honey. Simply magical…” Try it! Take a pic and post with #ShallWeWinePutMeOn