You can measure how much I love you by whether I’ve introduced you to Finn’s Gin. If I like you, I might have sent you a photo of the bottle via text. If I love you, I’ve made you a cocktail featuring Finn’s Gin. If I’ve gifted you a bottle, well then, I’m all in. As a young adult, I often heard the phrase, “gin makes you sin.” So, when I began to explore alcohol, I stayed away. I didn’t need one more reason to go to confession. Thank goodness I stopped trusting anyone spouting bad liquor rhymes. By the time my demo company, Shall We Wine was referred to the owners of Chicago Distilling Company (Noelle and Jay DiPrizio and Vic DiPrizio), I had warmed up to gin. Tasting Finn’s at our first meeting turned me from amateur to full blown fanatic. Three years later, I’m still singing its praises. This gin smells so damn pretty of citrus 🍋, flowers 💐and oranges🍊, I want to dab a few drops on the back of my ears. The palate is freaking yummy and screaming with flavors of juniper, lemon and peppercorn. Sip this on ice or with a touch of tonic. Try it, take a pic and post with #shallwewineputmeon