One of the most memorable scenes in the movie Forest Gump is when Bubba lists the infinite ways, he would prepare shrimp. “Shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, barbecue shrimp, shrimp and grits…” listening to his list is funny, exhausting and enough to send a seafood lover into a frenzy. If food is your thing and pork is your bae (Best Animal to Eat) then Cochon555 is your event. Imagine a 110-course meal, each item inspired by pork. At yesterday’s Chicago event, the chefs swined-out on inventive bites like; pork truffles, pork pierogi and pork flan. All their porky-deliciousness accompanied by hand crafted cocktails, wines, small batch bourbons, flavored water and even champagne!

Cochon555 US Tour is a don’t- miss -nine-city pork-centric eating and drinking extravaganza with a mission! Cochon555 US Tour is “dedicated to supporting family farmers and educating buyers about the agricultural importance of eating heritage breed pigs, some of which are on critical watch lists.” Proceeds from the tour benefit The Piggy Bank, a fund that is a “Noah’s Ark for heritage breed pigs with one goal: to make our foodways safer and more delicious.

Cochon555: 5 Chefs, cooking 5 heritage breed pigs and offering guests 555 chances to pig out. Check out their website for tour dates and cities. “At any given event, over a hundred-plus cooks, chefs, restaurant and bar owners, renowned sommeliers and barkeeps, can be found working in concert to create luxurious moments.” The tour kicked off in Dallas in early February and ends in a signature event, Grand Cochon in Chicago in mid-September, where one chef will be crowned the Prince or Princess of Porc! I’m thinking of becoming a Cochoon555 groupie! Who wants to join me?