True confession, I used to have SEASONAL PALATE DISORDER! I know, you are thinking, what is SPD, and do I have it? You probably do, but I can cure you! SPD is when you allow the seasons to dictate the wines you drink. You know the “old rules” whites in the summer and reds in the winter! Blah, blah, blah it’s a new day! Forget those old rules! Let your food, mood and palate tell you what to drink! I want to introduce you to three white wines that transcend every season and tell you where to find them on sale!

These wines are from Alsace. Alsace is a wine region in northeast France that bordered Germany and is right above Switzerland. Famous for its still white wines and delicious sparkling Crémant d’Alsace made in the traditional method (like Champagne). The region is also known as having the most “diverse terroir in France.”  There are 13 distinct soil types “from volcanic to limestone, to clay.” This diversity in terroir and ideal climate produces dry, aromatic and complex wines.

  1. Domaine Weinbach Riesling 2018- Who doesn’t crave some sunshine in the dead of winter. The Domaine Weinbach Riesling 2018 is liquid gold. A real mood lifter that is great with the sweet and salty flavors of Sunday brunch, when you’re ordering in spicy Thia or just when you need to pick me up! Check out Binny’s Beveverage Deopot to get 10% off!
  2. Emile Beyer Pinot Gris Tradition 2019- This wine is a comfort wine. Silky, succulent, rich and decadent. Make a bowl of lobster mac and cheese, light a fire, pour a glass of the Emile Beyer Pinot Gris Tradition 2019 and thank me for one of the best moments of your life.  Binny’s Beveverage Depot to get 10% off!
  3. Zind Humbrecht Gewurztraminer 2018 – You all know it took me a while to get the join the Gewurz Gang. Now that I am here, I am a proud member! Here is a winter white that is always in season! Wow- this wine smells so pretty I want to dab a little on my wrist! The palate is spicy, elegant, and so delicious! I love this with Caribbean takeout- especially Haitian foods and Jamaican jerk! Also amazing with Indian food. Not a spicy food lover, no worries, make yourself a buttery grilled cheese with ham sandwich. Add just a touch of apricot and rosemary jam and be forever changed.  Binny’s Beveverage Depot to get 10% off!