Shall We Wine TV has an especially sweet and tasty Valentine’s Day segment for you. Check out the YouTube video (link below) featuring our tea party with Chef Lisa Shaw of Lisa’s Boutique Catering. We are Shall We Wine, so our party includes wine and CAKE!

(L) Regine TRousseau (R) Chef Lisa Shaw

Here are some tips on setting up your own Galentine’s Day Tea Party.

Why a Tea Party

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s an opportunity to celebrate the people that I love. A Galantine’s day tea party is all about beauty, relaxation and indulgence. A tea party invites guests to a unplug, disconnect and experience simple pleasures.

What’s on the Menu

A traditional tea party would include finger sandwiches, cookies and mimi desserts. But this is my party, and I can serve what I want to, serve what I want to. I decide to make it all about cake (and wine). If you’d like to serve a savory menu, check out these recipes from Wine and Bites Party.

One of my favorite cakes are Chef Lisa Shaw of Lisa’s Boutique Catering famous coffee cakes. They are flavorful, natural and not too sweet. You can serve them for breakfast, tea or as dessert. I also love that these cakes freeze well. Simply wrap the unused portion and freeze. Thaw for 20 minutes and they are good to go. Variety is the spice of life, so Lisa served four flavors for the tea party.

Tea Party Menu
  • “The Original Pecan”Buttery Pecan, Cinnamon, Notes of Vanilla   
  • “Pistachio Cardamom”Toasted Pistachio, Cardamom, Floral Notes 
  • “Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake”Decadent, Robust Espresso, Rich Dark Chocolate
  • “Rose All Day”Elegant, Bubbly Rose, Strawberry Notes

Wine List:

The featured wine for our tea party was the Licataa lambrusco. This wine is a celebrity brand by Rapper Raekwon The Chef. Jermain Stone of Wine and Hip Hop who works with the Wu-Tang member gifted me this bottle. This may be one of the prettiest bottles I’ve ever seen! There’ velvet instead of foil!!!!

Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine that comes from Northern Italy. Most of the production happens in the Emilia-Romagna region.  Lambrusco is produced in dry or secco to sweet styles. The Licataa is a demi-sec, so it’s slightly sweet with a velvety mouthfeel which makes it a good pairing for Lisa’s Rose All Day cake.

Side note: When pairing wines and desserts, make sure your wine si sweeter than your dessert, if the wine is drier than the dessert, the wine will taste bitter.  

Other Wine Ideas: If you’re hosting a cake party like this one, you can also serve a fruit forward sparkling rosé  wine, demi-sec champagnes, prosecco, moscato d’asti or brachetto d’acqui. Serve them all!

Create an Attractive Table

It’s Galentine’s Day, so make sure your table is filled with beautiful flowers, cake plates of varying heights and of course the loveliest tea set. Featured on our table is the Pukka Home Royal Style tea set ($69.99 Amazon). The tablecloth is Adonis USA Rose Decorative Printed from Amazon ($19.99). The dessert plates are by Threshold Harrison Stoneware Target ($4.99 each). Oh we fancy, it’s tea time!

Tea Party Tablescape

Tea Time

Yes, tea must be served! Try a rich and exotic flavor to pair with the cakes. I served a tea I received as a gift from Fever Dreams Collective retreat. This is a special blend of hawthorn flower, mint and red cloves.

If you like this idea and create your own cake, wine and tea party, take a pic and post with the #shallwewineputme.