Bonarda is a red wine from Argentina made from the grape Douce Noir. Bonarda, not to be mistaken with the Italian grape Bonarda Piendmontese is Argnetina’s second most widely planted grape. Shadowed by Argentinian Malbec’s popularity Bonarda has yet to make its way as a staple on American’s wine racks. Well, it should. Why? Because I said so 😂. Seriously, Bonarda is a medium bodied, easy drinking, fruit forward wine with low tannins and high acidity, which makes it more versatile than Malbec when pairing with food. I recently tasted the Via Revolucionaria, Bonarda Pura 2017. This Bonarda undergoes carbonic maceration, a process where whole grape clusters are fermented in a sealed vessel filled with carbon dioxide. The results of carbonic maceration Is a bright, fruity, low tannin and aromatic wine. The Via Revolucionaria, Bonarda Pura 2017 is giving and rich with flavors. I tasted violets, milk chocolate, rosemary, sour cherries, and dark blue Sassy Straws Candy on the finish. Try it with grilled salmon.