An unlikely pairing

Fall has arrived!!!! It’s time to put away the rosé wines and fill the wine fridge with more weather appropriate libations. Just kidding, I drink rosé all year round. However as the season changes from summer to fall, I start to crave medium bodied red and richer white wines. Here are two Fall Wine Picks from the 2015 Wine Bloggers Convention.

Davis Bynum Dijon Clone 667 – 2012 Jane’s Vineyard Pinot Noir- Russian River Valley

I love the color of this wine. A deep crimson red that makes me wish I could afford rubies. The wine smells like ripe black cherries, steaming black tea and Marge’s rhubarb pie. There are sour cranberries, black cherries, and ripe strawberries on the palate. The finish is extended by lingering black tea zests. The mouthfeel is easygoing with soft tannins and dignified acidity. This is a great food wine. I enjoyed the first glass without food. If I were hosting guests I would have served the Davis Bynum 2012 Jane’s Vineyard Pinot Noir with duck or pork. But since I was home alone and in the middle unpacking, I paired it with a deep dish pepperoni pizza. It wasn’t fancy, but it worked!

2013 Rodney Strong Estate Vineyards Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

The color is pale yellow with hints of green. Close your eyes and let the aromas of grilled pineapples, ripe plantains, and camp-fire marshmallows transport you to a tropical beach. The wine is creamy, with unfolding flavors of lemon, pineapples, plantains, vanilla and toasted cheerios.  I served a glass to my friend Danita, after the first sip she said, “This wine is lovely.” Next time I will pair this wine with scallops in a butter sauce. But since I was on my third day of unpacking I ordered a grilled chicken salad with walnuts and blue cheese. The restaurant forgot the chicken, but the blue cheese and salad paired with the 2013 Rodney Strong Sonoma Chardonnay worked.