Happy Dry January, fellow enthusiasts! As we journey through this alcohol-free month, I’m excited to share another fantastic option for those looking to savor the experience without compromising on taste. This week, I present to you Codorníu Zero, a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that transcends the ordinary.

Codorníu Zero: A Glimpse into History:

Regine T Rousseau here, and my second pick for Dry January is Codorníu Zero! Let’s start with a bit of history – Raventos Codorniu is the oldest wine company in Spain, boasting a remarkable 470 years of expertise in producing quality wines and cavas. With an impressive portfolio that includes esteemed brands like Viña Pomal D.O.Ca Rioja, Raimat, Portal de Montsant, Artesa (California), and, of course, Codorníu, this company stands as a symbol of excellence in the world of winemaking. 

The Art of Dealcoholization:

Codorníu Zero isn’t just any non-alcoholic sparkling wine; it’s a delicious beverage crafted through the art of dealcoholization. As we delve into the process, the journey begins with selected wine. Through innovative vacuum distillation at low temperatures, the alcohol is gently removed. The result? A shiny pale yellow sparkling wine with refreshing tropical fruit and zesty citrus notes, accompanied by delicate white flower nuances.

Tasting Notes:

This wine isn’t just a Dry January companion; it’s a delight for any occasion. Picture yourself indulging in a glass that unfolds a symphony of fruity aromas, including apple and tropical delights. Codorníu Zero offers a unique and satisfying experience that goes beyond the absence of alcohol. It’s not just a substitute; it’s a choice that deserves a spot in your wine fridge year-round.

Exploring the Portfolio:

Codorníu Zero represents a foray into the non-alcoholic wine game by a company with an illustrious history. Raventos Codorniu, with its 15 wineries and a rich heritage, continues to redefine the boundaries of excellence. This venture into non-alcoholic wines adds another dimension to their already prestigious portfolio, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

Cheers to Dry January!

So, as we navigate Dry January Week 2, Codorníu Zero emerges as a stellar choice for those seeking an exquisite non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Its rich history, the meticulous dealcoholization process, and the delightful tasting experience make it a standout option. Codorníu Zero isn’t just a fleeting companion for Dry January; it’s a permanent resident deserving a spot in your wine collection.

Where to buy:

These wines are super approachable at $10.99 and available in the U.S at Total Wine and other major retailers!  Website Address: https://www.codorniu.com