Wine: 2017 Chateau Rocher Calon Montagne St. Emilion

Region: St. Emilion Bordeaux, France

Price: $20

Grapes: 95 % merlot 5% Cabernet Franc

Taste: The wine has a velvety, plush mouthfeel, soft tannins with dark fruit, chocolate and herbal notes.

Fun Story: One of my most memorable wine e experiences was when I tricked one of my I-Don’t-Drink-Fucking-Merlot Friends into drinking Merlot (mentioned in this video). I brought the wine of the week to her house, decanted (when should you decant wine? read this article). and waited patiently to have her taste the wine. About 20 minutes after letting it breath, I gave her a taste. “Wow, this is delicious.”
She said after her first sip. I lost it, I jumped up and down, screaming (yes, I really did and scared the dog).

“It’s Merlot!”

“No way!!” She screamed.

We had a good laugh.

The “I-told-you-so- wine,” was the 2016 Chateau Rocher-Calon Saint-Emilion. The 2017 is as delicious! So good this is my second time featuring it on this blog. This is a Merlot that you should be fucking drinking.

Pairs with: Date night! So silky and pleasing. Try with burger, pizza, filet mignon, ribeye.